Agrarian Utopia
Ehren Lohse

Five-needled pine branches fix dim'
lee our moons.
Gray bays deep: the hoisting of the shadows
Soon - a spright
'lee archin' the
dawdle of muddied
morning glory'
s truce. Fresh flora tumble
spread down from
the heights & casts
shadows up
on another nights tea
spun feline eye.

The wind keeps time like
gently raking glasses of iced -
chocolate moose: stark tussled
surfeits of lust long
loosed. Ochre dark
hens, daffodils
'neath ominous
chalked teal & slate
stanced thunder
ring-heading down mists shuttering their
melon cholie a scratch'
in at the day.

Agrarian Utopia by Ehren Lohse
Anomie at the Sea by Ashley Moriarty
The Stone-Covered Sea by Stephanie Anderson

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