Euphony is a biannual literary journal produced by undergraduates at the University of Chicago. Founded in the spring of 2000 by Stephen Barbara and Matthew Deming, Euphony began as an effort to better represent the talented writers on campus. Barbara and Deming hoped to produce a thoughtful and elegant journal in which students, and not only students, would be proud to publish.

Now in its fifth year, Euphony aims to be a dynamic journal integrating the work of writers both professional and emerging. Authors published in Euphony range from major figures in twentieth century American letters like Donald Justice and faculty advisor emeritus Mark Strand to undergraduates and students in MFA programs. Euphony hopes to inspire the new talent it seeks to foster by highlighting professional craft.

Euphony also strives to deepen engagement with contemporary writing through hosting readings of poetry and prose and running a weekly writers’ workshop. Open editorial meetings each week provide an opportunity for students to develop as critics and readers.

Shorts by Jonathan Ullyot
The Movie by Charles Simic
Magnificent Obsession by Stan Badgett
This Story by David Koehn
To a Literary Friend by Constantine Contogenis
Vernal Equinox by Mary Chatfield

Questions? Please contact euphony@uchicago.edu.
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